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 Need feedback from the TMS Veterans

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
marytabby Posted - 06/27/2006 : 16:53:46
I had an appt today with my TMS doc after a year of being pain free of the TMS in my wrists. I have been suffering badly for six weeks or so with left wrist pain which I thought may be TMS again flaring up for the past six weeks that won't give. It's the same type symptoms only this time I have numbness on certain wrist movements. I pass the definitive Finkelstein test as I did last year when the hand doc said have surgery for DeQuervain's.
TMS doc today who I saw last year for this says he is not sure it's TMS this time. He said to get an MRI and if there's inflammation in there, it's probably not TMS. The wrist is red and a little puffy and he said that typically is not a TMS symptom, so before I go having surgery, which is what the hand doc last year suggested, TMS doc today said get the MRI and rule out TMS. He said if there's no inflammation on the MRI it's TMS, it's pretty much that cut and dry. He's not 100% sure either way whether this is TMS but is leaning toward it not being and said when it came on last year and went away on its own, it may have been coincidence that it subsided and may or may not have had anything to do with TMS. The fact that it's lingering on this long makes him suspect the DeQuervain's tendinitis that the hand doc diagnosed last year. He did some trigger point poking around on the arm and didn't find anything significant to point to TMS.
Can anyone, Dr. Ziggles, Dave, anyone comment on this finding today? Is it true that TMS won't have inflammation and redness, puffiness at the site of the pain?
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marytabby Posted - 06/28/2006 : 15:08:42
I went to the tms doc for affirmation and because this time around I have numbness in the thumb and that is new. I saw tms doc to rule out structural but he said to rule it as a possibility. I needed some kind of support and I thought he would be my best chance of that.
chicago Posted - 06/28/2006 : 15:00:14
Hi Maryalma 8,
Sorry to hear about your pain. After reading your post I wondered why you felt a need to go to see your doctor if you had the same symtoms in your other wrist last year and was dx with TMS. Either fear kicked in or there must be something different about this episode. I know for myself when I'm in a great deal of pain I become very fearful. (how long will this last, will it ever go away etc.) Indy's earlier response really helped me today. TMS starts with a neg thought, creates a stressful emotion, if based on fear causes tension in the way of pain. It won't hurt to try and apply those principles and see what happens. Hope your able to sort through your situation.
marytabby Posted - 06/28/2006 : 14:49:56
Thanks everyone. I appreciate you all replying.I will try the visualization. Armchair, that's just it, I lknow I did nothing to my wrist so I asked TMS doc, "hey doc, I have not injured this wrist so what could have caused DeQuervain's tendinitis then, from a structural stance. He replied it probably is not overuse or injury but could just be the tendon is scraping or moving in an off way but he could not answer me. He seemed to imply it is an unknown cause. I don't doubt the TMS, but he seems to doubt tms based on my exam and finding no trigger points in the arm or neck.He also said his wife, when pregnant, developed DeQuervain's mysteriously and got an injection and it never came back again. Well last year I had two injections and it came back twice. So you are hearing from me what he told me, not necessarily what I buy into, thus the reason I posted the question here about his saying inflammation is not tms. It's my left wrist, not both and I am a righty so no overuse there. Last year it was both wrists.
armchairlinguist Posted - 06/28/2006 : 11:10:56

I've been hesitant to reply because my arm problems are not mostly in my wrists and I have not had recurrent bouts. But here I go anyway. My RSI research sources list DeQuervain's syndrome as being considered a type of RSI. And RSI seems to usually or always be TMS. Also, I used to test positive for this syndrome, but it went away with the rest of my TMS symptoms. (It was never my main problem.)

I'm curious what it is you do physically that you think may have caused this, if it is not TMS. Why do you think that action could cause so much pain now when before you banished the same pain with TMS work?

It sounds like not only is your life in turmoil but also you remain in doubt about the status of the syndrome. The combination could be more than your previous TMS techniques could handle, perhaps.

Wherever you go, there you are.
Dave Posted - 06/28/2006 : 07:26:03
Originally posted by art
I'm pretty positive that inflammation and TMS are not at all mutually exlusive

I have to agree with this. I am not sure why Dr. Sarno claims there is no inflammation in TMS. Since inflammation can be an autoimmune reaction, it seems logical to me that it could be a TMS symptom.

An MRI could provide food for the hungry neurosurgeons. Remember, an MRI can make normal changes look pathological.

If you life is indeed "in turmoil" then you need to address your emotional state regardless of what is going on with your wrist.
art Posted - 06/28/2006 : 06:45:09
THis all makes great sense to me Indy as I am indeed in the midst of turmoil in my life.

Which is why (betting dollars to donuts here) your wrists are not healing..That you had this exact situation last year really makes it quite likely that it's simply TMS.

I'm pretty positive that inflammation and TMS are not at all mutually exlusive
Indy Posted - 06/28/2006 : 04:53:18
Hi Maryalma8:

Sounds like you're "between a rock and a hard place" regarding your home environment. I wish you luck getting out of there soon.

Dr. Ziggles is right. If the TMS work that you did last year worked for you, then assume that there's nothing wrong structurally with your wrists and all the tests in the world are not going to show anything. Think about it, if it were only one wrist bothering you, you could assume that you injured it in some way. But both of your wrists are going nuts on you for no apparent physical reason. It's all about the emotional energy that you're holding there, and according to L. Hay, it has to do with not feeling at ease with your life. Keep doing the TMS work.

This may sound goofy, but you may also try this. Quiet your mind and body as you would for meditation. Then visualize the energy around your wrists in whatever way you can, but your wrists themselves look very normal. You may see the energy as red and sticky, or dark and slimy - doesn't matter. The "energy" that I refer to is a vibration or frequency (also called "chi", "life force", "electro magnetic field", etc.) that is not in tune with your natural vibration around your wrists. Give clear intent to have the energy removed by saying "I intend to clear the diseased energy around my wrists and off my hands so that my wrists can function in a healthy way", or something like that. Then visualize someone that you trust pulling the energy off with your hands as if pulling gloves off. Better still, have a real live person do it as you visualize. Or do it yourself by letting your arm hang, gently shaking your hand as you would to get rid of water, and use the other hand to sweep the sticky energy that you're visualizing off the wrist towards the floor/ground.

I'm a "bodyworker/healer" and I work with the human energy field all the time. This is one of the techniques that I would do for you if you were on my massage table. For you and others reading this, you can use this technique on any part of your body that's in pain, and along with Dr. Sarno's techniques to work on the psychological factor, it should help.

Permanent healing involves dealing with pain holistically, which means psychologically, emotionally, physically, and energetically/spiritually. If you only address the psychological, it may work for a time but the pain usually returns because the diseased energy is still there. I refer to your statement "my wrist is killing me and all the TMS work that got rid of it last year is not working this time, despite all my best attempts."

In a nutshell:
Psychological - TMS work, Hay, etc.
Emotional - create positive energy based on loving,positive thoughts
Physical - the usual - rest, ice, etc.
Spiritual - clear the diseased negative energy & replace with positive

Long post. I always have a lot to say about this. Hope this helps.

P.S. Dave. How do I include a quote from someone else's post? I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks.


marytabby Posted - 06/28/2006 : 02:13:30
Indy, I am living here because I can't afford to move.
I have my condo on the market, I am trying to get into a better situation. Unfortunately I am not making megabucks at my job so I cannot afford what I'd like, which a country home where I wouldn't be exposed to the filth and smells and sights and sounds I am.
I know it's rageful for me but until I can afford something else I am SOL. I appreciate the reply and all it offers and I have ordered the book by Hay. I will read it and try to garner a new outlook. Meanwhile, Dr. Ziggles, my wrist is killing me and all the TMS work that got rid of it last year is not working this time, despite all my best attempts. I have posted several times here on the board about this in the past 6 weeks and except for this posting today, there have been no replies about help or suggestions for the TMS in the wrists, if that's what it is again, and so I have been very discouraged to say the least and feel very alone in this. Thanks for the replies both of you, I appreciate it. I really do.
drziggles Posted - 06/27/2006 : 20:17:15
In my experience, which is somewhat limited in this matter, DeQuervain's tendinitis is yet another TMS equivalent in the vein of tennis elbow or iliotibial band syndrome (other forms of tendinitis). Let's face it, unless they suspect an infection or something dangerous, what is the harm of assuming it is TMS and working on it as you have other issues? I don't see how an MRI is really going to help much--I honestly don't know if abnormalities related to tendons would necessary exclude TMS. If they do suspect some other underlying cause of concern, that is another issue.

In the realm of TMS causing puffiness and skin changes, I recently saw a woman with complex regional pain syndrome in her foot, which was purple and puffy. I'm fairly convinced it is TMS related, nonetheless.

Naturally, you should consult with your doctor before making any decisions. Good luck!
Indy Posted - 06/27/2006 : 19:24:17
My first question to you would be "Why are you living where you're living?" Is your job, or condo, or the city life worth sacrificing your health for? I don't know your situation, Maryalma8, but I do know that it boils down to your choice of being there. Maybe it's time to have a hard look at your living environment and make a choice where it's more peaceful. I live in the country, so your situation sounds horrid to me.

Having said that, there's beauty to be found in everything; there's always an experience and a choice to learn and grow from; there's a gift to you in every person that you meet and every experience that you have. It's all a matter of how you look at your life and the things and events in it. Love everything! Love the crackheads. Love the prostitutes and street people. Love them for the choices they are making for themselves. Love them for the adventure and experience that they are giving themselves. To see them through any other eyes is making judgments about how they are living, and their actions will always affect you. You are allowing them affect you, and as a result, it is a way of giving your power away to them. You will lose energy,then dis-ease and imbalance sets in. That's what your wrists are all about.

Of course, it's always difficult to practice unconditional love. We are all human and we all have fears and insecurities. But the more you think like this, the more your world will change regardless of how many crackheads are around you.

Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

Love you for what you're going through
marytabby Posted - 06/27/2006 : 18:51:50
THis all makes great sense to me Indy as I am indeed in the midst of turmoil in my life. But please help me to understand, how can one live with love and understanding when there is fear and aggravation from crack heads living in my building and prostitutes and street people in my hallway where I own a condo? I'm trying to understand how do I live lovingly under these circumstances? I'd really like to live lovingly and without fear. Please help me with this. I'm not trying to be a wize-ass, I'm being serious, how does one get past this with loving gentle thoughts? Thanks for your reply.
Indy Posted - 06/27/2006 : 18:29:41
Hi MaryAlma8

My experience with pain that is not caused from injury and no health practitioners can determine the cause has to do with the emotional energy that you are holding there. The wrists represent how well you are handling the experiences in your life (Louise Hay). If things right now are a struggle for you, that could be the reason why you are having problems with your wrists. When you change your outlook on what is happening in your life and see your experiences as a gift, with an inner wisdom, with love, and with ease, I'll put my money on the chance that your wrists will feel better. As Dr. Sarno points out, TMS begins with a negative thought which creates a stressful emotion. If that thought is one based on fear, then the feelings created from that thought will create tension in the body. If that thought is coming from a place of love and understanding, there is no tension created and your wrists will move with ease, just like the rest of your life.

Let me know what you think of this and if it has any relevance in your life.


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