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 My complete and fast recovery. 100% sucess.
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Posted - 06/28/2005 :  15:35:25  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said you have to get mad at the part of your brain that is perpetuating TMS. I used to, when first getting better, yell at my brain and swear like a longshoreman. I'd tell it that I was in no way going to tolerate its **** any longer and that it had better stop ****ing with me. It sounds funny but getting good and pissed off at the pain and fighting back verbally totally helped me. For one, it helped me stop feeling like I had to take the pain, like I was a victim.

Did you by chance read Facing the Fire by John Lee? I ask because you seem to have used similar methods. I found that book and the anger release exercises to be extremely helpful. I think for me, like for many women, I needed to see in print that it was not only okay but human and healthy to get MAD and get it out.

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Posted - 06/28/2005 :  18:41:50  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nice post. I just posted today how I seem to feel pain after every session of squats or deadlifts. Regardless of how much weight I use. I was posting inquiring as to whether I could be conditioning myself to feel pain in just these exercises because it involves the back and spine compression.

It was refreshing seeing how you overcame your issues and was even deadlifting. That gives me hope. I do not want to give in to the pain so I will stick with the exercises I like, but have a fear of in the back of mind. Odd thing is I can do them pain free but either start to hurt after my workouts or the next day.. and just when I sit. I can bend over with no problem WTF?

I'll keep at it and keep learning.


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UK james

United Kingdom
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Posted - 06/29/2005 :  17:05:47  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I too am 27 yrs old and went through a pretty traumatic family life (alcoholic mother etc) before going to uni. I can see so many similarities between our stories. I was a very successful sportsman, particularly excelling at football before the tms set in. My time at uni, like yours was hindered massively by tms but I never gave up - I always battled against it in the gym / pool and spent a fortune seeking advice.
I'm now cured thanks to Sarno and am 100% back to my sporting best - and I think that this whole experience has given me an added steal on the field and a real appreciation of being pain free.

Take care amigo

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Posted - 06/30/2005 :  11:03:36  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by alinnyc

Phenomenal post. Thank you. This is what I got out of it. My TMS is caused by that part of my brain which wants to me not to acknowledge the needs and hurt and anger of my child. That child has been wronged and stepped on and abused. This child is furious and angry and wants someone to protect her. When my brain is trying to divert me from acknowledging the anger, grief and feelings of self loathing --- it is saying run away from all of those things in effect saying "don't accept that part of you". F*** THAT. My parents couldn't deal with me when I was a needy child but I am not going to abandon that part of me. The things that caused those feelings happened and the only one who can defend me from those feelings is me. I WILL NOT RUN AWAY FROM THOSE FEELINGS. I will not allow my brain to try to divert me with pain. I accept responsiblity for healing my child. Fighting TMS is all about that.

Everyone here knows this...but sometimes it takes a kick in the butt to be reminded of the simple truth.
Well done.

Amy- Right on. I love your attitude. It was only when I decided to take this attitude about being responsible for my childs pain that I was able to make any headway on TMS. Unfortunately simply screaming at my brain to knock off the TMS didn't work for me. I had to connect with the childhood pain and anger before I noticed any change.

From your comments about your mom in the "In the name of love" thread its pretty clear that you've got a lifetime of hurt to try and heal. You are on the right track- keep it up.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 03/22/2006 :  12:37:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
For any newbies(or anyone else who has lost their way), I have been wallowing around recently and feeling very sorry for myself. Today, I suddenly remembered this guy that posted last year that caused a bit of a stir with his positive post! I think he is spot on, have a read - it might cheer you up, it did me!

My favourite bit, 'punch TMS right in its face'. Classic.
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New Zealand
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Posted - 03/22/2006 :  13:34:49  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
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