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 I was cured from cronic pain in 2004
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Posted - 09/28/2006 :  13:42:17  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Its been about 3 years from the las time that I was browsing these pain discussion forums. I desided to write my story because when I was "ill" it was pretty hard to find any "fully cured stories".

feb 2000 I started to have minor pain when typing (I type a lot at work). Gradually it got worse. Doctors said that it will stop in 3-4 months but somehow I "knew" that this was not qoing away that fast. During next 3 years I wisited all kinds of doctors all around the world. I was away from work for about 1 year. Tried pretty much everything. I also heard TMS type of explanations but at that time I did not fully abopt them.

In 2003 I heard about John Sarno and found those few web pages that talk about cured cases. Brakethrough actually happened in one day. I just started typing and laughed at the pain. And the pain disapeared. We'll it was not that simple but that was the day when I finally realised that it was my thoughts that caused the pain and not the other way around. It still took almost a year to get "pain fear" away from my thoughts, I also got other types of syptoms during my recovery: disiness, "irregular" hart beat, fear "something" but gradually they were doomed to disapear. But now I am as good as new. Have been for few years now.

My recommendations:
You will be cured when you dont have to think about the pain AT ALL(same way as "healthy people" dont). Its your thoughts that cause the pain.

Hopefully this helps someone.


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Posted - 09/28/2006 :  14:07:20  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you so much for bothering to post your success. It really really helps a lot of people. What exactly did you do and how long did it take you to get better - in other words, for all equivalents to go away. I get a very occasional flare up now and it goes within a day. But I am still getting equivalents - food allergies and skin breaking out.
I had the pain for 12 years and so I think this takes time
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 09/28/2006 :  15:01:16  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
(Tagging so people can find it on a search.)

Hilary N
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Posted - 09/28/2006 :  15:09:34  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Suz,

I'll use following example about "not thinking about it":
If you are affraid giving public speeches. You might blush, sweat, etc. You could try to convince yourself that there is nothing to worry, you wont panic, you'll be ok, they wont laugh etc. Sometimes it works. But sometime it doesnt. Bad thoughts just comes to your head somewhere and then you panic all over again.

Better situation is if you are confident and these thoughs dont even come to your mind. It might take some time to get this confident level. But at some point you'll achieve it if you do enough speeces. At some point you just let go of the "fear".

Also it is possible to focus on wrong things such as wearing a hat so that people dont see you etc. This way you will propably never achieve the confidence.

ABout my recovery. I just desided one day that this is enough. Even though it hurts. I just type and laugh. The more it hurts the more I laughed. In about 30 sec I felt that my blood or something started to flow and the pain disapeared. The I got more confidence and typed like a mad man for the whole day. If it hurted I just started typing again and laughed. How grazy his that ;)

As I said earlier after pain I got other syptoms but now I knew that they were "psycological". I has not actually any better even thoght I had no pain. I went to a srink he gave me medicens for minor depression. medicens helped me (they we mild depression meds). Also talking about my life helped, crying etc. There was not any childhood traumas or anything. After 6 months I gave up the meds and have not used them ever since. Now I am OK in all ways ;-)

Good luck to you Suz.

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Posted - 09/28/2006 :  15:32:59  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I like that phrase you used, "pain fear." I'll start using that when I talk to my brain.

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Posted - 09/29/2006 :  12:40:43  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you Cured.
It sounds like I just have to keep on going and keep on laughing. I did the same thing at a recent pain flare up. I started laughing out loud at how ridiculous it was. As soon as I did that, the pain started to lessen - immediatlely. It was very cool

It is all about the fear. I will take the same tack with my skin and food intolerances - all nonsense. But a tiny tiny speck of doubt still remains in me - probably why I still get the reactions. TT was talking about the Nocebo effect - that is exactly what it is

Thank you for sharing your success
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